10-50kg automatic powder bag packaging machine

  • MOQ: 1 units
  • Supply Capability: 50 units / day
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Delivery: 30 working days
  • Packaging: exported wooden case

Equipment introduction: Our new packaging machine unit designed for large bag of powder materials in chemicals, fertilizers, feed, food, seeds, food and other industries has functions of automatic weighing, bag, filling, package sending and sealing etc., which can complete connection with equipment like back stacking robot etc. to realize large-scale package and unmanned operation of the stacking. 

Technical parameters:

Unit Model




Packaging   weight




Bag size: L*W (mm)




Packaging materials

1. Woven bag (paint film); 2. Kraft bag; 3. Composite film   plastic bag (film thickness is more than 0.18mm)

Measuring   accuracy


Packaging   speed

6-10 bags/minute (a little different as different   packaging materials and bag sizes)

Sealing mode

1. Woven bag:   folding / seam; 2. Kraft bag: heat sealing / seam; 3. Composite film plastic   bag: heat sealing


Technological process of the equipment:

Automatic lifting materials → Automatic weighing machine → Automatic bag packaging unit (pick up bags, welt bags, clamp bags, open bags, blank) → Horizontal automatic sealing machine unit (automatic conveying, sealing bags, cut lines) → Finished product output → Automatic conveying 

Configuration description:

1) The control part uses Siemens PLC and Weinview 10-inch color touch screen, which has advantages of simple operation and stability;

2) The pneumatic part adopts AirTAC magnetic valve, oil-water separator and cylinder;

3) The vacuum system adopts German FESTO magnetic valve, filter, digital vacuum pressure switch;

4) On all actuating mechanism there is magnet switch or optoelectronic switch as the detection unit, which is safe and reliable.

Structural composition:

1) Bag pick-up structure: Automatically take out of the prefabricated bags;

2) Bag welting, clamping and opening structure: Automatically open the picking-up bags, open and fix then;

3) Bag holding and conveying structure: Hold up the opened bags for conveying;

4) Import structure: Automatically recover the well-filled bags;

5) Bag sealing, finished product output, automatic sealing (seam the bags);

6) Pneumatic control part: Full control of the machine system;

7) Automatic weighing machine: XY50K-L electronic weighing machine;

8) Material lifting or conveying machine: Used to automatically lift the conveying materials to the bunker of the weighing machine. 

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