50g-10kg automatic particle vertical packaging machine

  • MOQ: 1 units
  • Supply Capability: 50 units / day
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Delivery: 30 working days
  • Packaging: exported wooden case

Applications: Pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, seeds, tea, food, monosodium glutamate, chicken, animal feed, sugar, additives and other industries. It is mainly used for fully automatic and high speed weighing package for materials with particles, loose shapes and better liquidity.

Technical parameter:

Weighing range

500-5000g (can be customize   as requested)

Weighing precision


Paper bag size

50-600/70-360L*W(can be customize as requested)

Max. film width


Packing speed


Power and current


Air pressure


Air consumption



50Hz 60hz/220V  380V

Power supply mode

Three-phase five-wire (can be customized)





Operation interface

5.7-inch LCD screen display


Product features:

As a perfect machine combined XYB760 vertical packaging machine and XYJ-Z weighing machine, this machine can realize whole automation from weighing, filling to bag production, which has fast speed, high precision, improve output, and reduce labor;

The driving core is composed with the PLC programmable control system, servo dynamic system and pneumatic operation system, and through the human-computer interface with liquid touch screen, it can complete multiple functions such as product counting, date printing, nitrogen supply (air exhaust), finished products conveying etc. from weighing to bag production and packaging;

The parameter set and change can be completed through the touch screen that can memorize and store packaging parameters of 10 different kinds of products. When exchanging products, it can be also used without reset;

It can produce pillow-type bag, folded bag, carrying bag, sequence bag etc.;

According to specific situation of customers’  materials and output, it can adopt different feeding modes (such as vibration, belt, spiral feeding) to customize single-hopper, double-hopper, four-hopper, six-hopper devices to equip with combinatorial balance for automatic quantitative packaging. The weighing hopper of the machine uses closed load weighing hopper design that can avoid material leakage and clamping residues when weighing;

The packaging machine adopts drawing die and horizontal seal of servo motor that can ensure the stability and flatness when the equipment is working;

It adopts optical fiber identifier signal transmission, which has encoder confirmation function with high accuracy. 

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