Double-station packaging weigher

  • MOQ: 1 units
  • Supply Capability: 50 units / day
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Delivery: 30 working days
  • Packaging: exported wooden case
  • Part that contacts with materials is made of stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance, high health standard, long service life; 

  • Unique feeder design,  dual-cylinder drive, adjustable feeding door, suitable for different material changes, can ensure high speed and high precision, easy to clean and maintain; 

  • The two weighers can work alternately and independently, convenient for operation with different modes, has features of wide quantitative range, high precision and fast weighing speed, and suitable for fast weighing and packing of large bags; 

  • 20 kinds of pre-storage of different packaging weight, can meet demands of different weighing packaging, convenient and fast to mix the formula; 

  • Adopt excellent import and domestic electric device and pneumatic components configuration, ensuring the equipment with stable and reliable operation; 

  • Dust cover and cust collector can be added according to the material properties.

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