XYC-Q automatic quantification particle packaging machine

  • MOQ: 1 units
  • Supply Capability: 50 units / day
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Delivery: 30 working days
  • Packaging: exported wooden case


Pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, seeds, tea, food, monosodium glutamate, chicken, animal feed, sugar, additives and other industries. It is mainly used for fully automatic and high speed weighing package for materials with particles, loose shapes and better liquidity.

Working Principle:

This series of quantitative packaging weigher unit is designed for quantitative packing of all kinds of particle materials and fine particle materials with small powder, which adopts pneumatic arc door or vibration mode for feeding. The sensor controls the pneumatic arc door or vibration feeder, and materials in the storage bin of the packaging scale are then sized fed into the weighing hopper or packaging bags. The feeding mechanism stops feeding when the materials in the weighing hopper or the packaging bag are filled up to the set weight. The bag holder is automatically opened when the materials are fed into the bag according to the target value, then the material bags are conveyed through the belt and seamed (sealed) by the workers.

Technical Index:

Product model

Measuring range

Packing speed

Packing precision





10-15 bags/minute






8-14 bags/minute



4-7 bags/minute



8-12 bags/minute

Note: We can customize products according to customers’ materials and production demands.

Main features:

Please have a detail understanding to the packed materials, output and site situation before ordering this packing unit;

It uses measuring hopper or hanging weighing modes as for the material weight and good liquidity;

Precise and stable measuring, can use plastic bags, kraft bags, composite bags etc. for packing;

It uses high stable and high precision weighing sensor and modules with simple operation interface and visual display;

It selects domestic and overseas high quality electrical elements to ensure the reliability and durability of the equipment;

Equipped with RS232 and RS485 interface for convenient expansion;

This weigher has features of strong structure, small area covering and easy cleaning and maintenance;

This unit can select support equipment such as feeding machine, bunker, bag sewing machine (sealing machine), air compressor etc. 

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